Stay Informed: Check Out The New Diversity Training That May Be Coming To A School & Corporate HR Dept Near You

Christopher Rufo is the Directo of Discovery Institue’s Center on Wealth & Poverty and he got his hands on the new diversity training the city of Seattle has mandated for white employees only. Rufo posts that this training may show up in school curriculum and HR diversity training around the country.

This next part is interesting, if you are white and speak too much, you are engaging in oppression. If you speak too little you are still engaging in oppression because “silence” is “violence.” So what is a white person’s salvation? To continually tell themself that they are racist.

After you continually tell yourself that you are racist, they list a series of things one must give up, notice how they snuck in property ownership, and defunding the police. They specifically note one must give up guaranteed physical safety and “control over the land.”

This is also who they classify as “white” people and some of these groups are going to have a real problem with this.