The Press Just Realized Pres Trump Beat Them At Their Own Game In Portland & They Are Furious

The left has a problem and they know it. Thanks to the internet people are seeing the violence occurring in Seattle and Portland. The violence is turning people off as they see mobs carrying shields firing commercial-grade fireworks at federal officers.

The mainstream media has called them “peaceful protestors” and it has turned into a joke now. The extremists on the left see their actions as peaceful and the media has tried to convince the rest of America that the extremists are “peaceful.”

That has failed thanks to videos like this (this was Portland on Saturday night)…

Many believe that President Trump took such a hit in the polls in the last month because he was slow to crack down on the lawlessness that has occurred. But, in July President Trump got tough and sent federal officers to Portland to protect the federal buildings that was/is being assaulted by extremists.

The press and Democrats erupted calling federal officers storm troopers, nazi’s, and secret police. Every night since July 4th a violent mob has attempted to assault the federal courthouse and every night federal officers push them back.

I can’t believe I just wrote that last sentence about a city in the United States.

The media is now claiming that President Trump was the cause for the violence and that he is inciting the riots. But, the American people are smarter than that and as President Trump has enforced law and order around the country his job approval rating has gone up.

On Sunday night and into Monday morning the mainstream media is beginning to realize that Trump is winning the day.

Here’s CNN’s Brian Stelter posting a Washington Post opinion piece claiming that the only reason President Trump sent federal officers was to incite violence to get viral video for campaign commercials.

They are salty.

The mainstream media is learning that their attempt to ignore what is happening in Portland and Seattle has failed.

Here’s Joe Scarborough on Monday morning as the left coast chaos grows in Los Angeles…

Scarborough is getting nervous too and wants the extremists to stop.

The media is now desperate to claim Trump is causing far-left extremists to commit violence. Except, these violent mobs have been causing chaos weeks before President Trump sent federal officers to Portland.

Poor old Joe Biden has backed the “peaceful” protestors in a scathing statement directed at President Trump and federal officers. Biden is not going to be able to walk that one back; I would say he walked right into a trap. The President knew Biden doesn’t have a clue what’s actually going on in Portland and after his statement, Press Secretary Kayleigh Mcenany released this video during a press briefing. Notice after the video the press doesn’t ask any questions about Portland.

Independent journalist Tim Pool posted a fantastic video explaining how President Trump is winning this issue and how Black Lives Matter is losing a massive amount of public support.