The Real Deal With Trump VS Amazon

The folks in mainstream media must be running low on stories to even attempt this nonsense. President Trump does have an issue with Amazon but not in the way they would have you believe.

First and foremost, Trump has stated several times, bother before and after the 2016 elections, that the company shouldn’t be allowed to operate the way they do.

He is not, however, in the company’s financial growth- it’s the taxes they don’t pay, the strain Amazon causes small businesses and their abuse of the United States Postal Services.

He hasn’t hidden how he feels about the company and others like it. Just take a look at his most recent Tweet about it:

The following piece outlines the hypocrisy and lunacy the media is showing by criticising President Trump. You should take a minute and thumb through it.

As Written By Jack Hellner with American Thinker:

The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial on Friday titled “Trump Targets Amazon.” The piece had a pull quote that said: “The President’s tweets make any regulatory action seem political.”

While they cited a few comparable examples of this from President Obama’s time in office – Staples for high compensation, Anthem for high prices, and the Koch brothers for opposing renewable fuels, I do not recall them going after Obama as hard with the insert about him being political during his eight years in office.

The Obama administration was filled with huge examples of targeting private companies for punishment, and this targeting was obviously because of a political agenda.

Some examples:

  • Before Obama even took office, he said his actions were going to bankrupt coal companies and make utility rates skyrocket.  That was obviously political.  He was always favoring solar and wind overall fossil fuel companies.
  • Oil companies would get fined if they killed migratory birds, but wind and solar were basically given a pass.  If Obama, the EPA, and others actually cared about the wildlife wind and solar wouldn’t get a pass.
  • Obama blocked pipelines – not based on environmental studies but based on the agenda of seeking to destroy fossil fuels.  It is actually safer to take oil underground versus above ground.
  • Obama went after for-profit universities but never held not-for-profit or public universities to the same standards.  Profit seemed to be a dirty word for Obama’s administration.
  • Obama went after payday loan stores because he basically didn’t like them.  If anyone wants to see fees that are way above usury rates, they should look at what government does…