Stomp On America: The Media & Left Wing Activists Desecrate The 4th Of July, ‘It’s Time To Rethink The…’

We should just call as it is…Joe Biden supporters stomped all over America this past 4th of July weekend. The Washington Post believes that we should rethink the holiday…


Outside of the White House on Saturday Black Lives Matter activists stomped on the American flag…

Joe Biden who wants to be President lectured Americans claiming that we failed to get rid of racism in our country and that we need to stamp it out. He seems to forget that he’s been in Washington for 40 years and is part of that failure.

MSNBC also declared that George Washington should be eliminated from the story of America.


Protestors blocked the President’s event at Mount Rushmore and it is possible that far-left groups are coming in from other countries riot. Listen to the woman who is arrested.

There was also some push back, people in California who have been pushed to their limit decided to celebrate the 4th of July anyway.