This Is How It’s Done! Lancaster Police Shut Down Violent Rioters

Lancaster City has a Democrat Mayor however, the district attorney for Lancaster county and county executives are all Republican. The city is blue and has a history of social justice however, the entire surrounding area is deep red.

After the fatal police-involved shooting that occurred when a man attacked a police officer with a knife, violent rioters took to the streets. Intially they claimed the police shot an autistic young man. Only a few hours after the shooting the county’s district attorney Heather Adams released the video showing the officer of attack and defended himself.

Despite this, rioters formed barricades, attacked the police station, smashed windows, and set fires in the streets.

I have lived close to this area for several years so a couple of things of mention…First, the Lancaster City police department is very well trained. They are one of the few police forces that makes sure their officers are constantly receiving training. Second, the city is full of cameras they are on just about every block, especially in high crime areas (residential areas) and downtown. You’ll notice there weren’t many police skirmish lines breaking up the crowds. They didn’t need them, they were watching everything via drones and cameras.

On Sunday night, as crimes were being committed police units monitored rioters remotely that were committed crimes and then scooped them up.

The police tactically arrested those that were committing the crimes and instigating the mob. Once in custody, the district attorney’s office working with the local court set the rioters bail at $1 million.

On Monday night, reporters on the ground said that activists were jumpy.

Lancaster Stands Up is a far-left activist group sympathetic to Antifa, they were upset because one of their “medics” bail was set at one million dollars.

One of the other people that was arrested was a local news reporter for Lancaster Online.

They may get away with it in Philly, Portland, and Pittsburg but that garbage isn’t going to fly in Lancaster. In about 24 hours the violent agitators were swept off the streets quelling the violence. That is how it’s done!