‘This Isn’t Seattle!’ State Troopers Shut Down BLM Blockade (VIDEO)

Black Lives Matter activists decided to shut down the I-5 bridge in Washington State outside of Seattle.

Earlier this a year a Black Lives Matter activists was killed during a highway shutdown.

On the highway, activists yelled, “If we don’t get it, shut it down!.”

They did let one car through so they could get to the doctors.

If you listen to the video of the man with the bullhorn you’ll hear someone yell, “Get a job!”

State Troopers moved in and notified this driver that he was going to be arrested.

The man refused to get out of the vehicle. After the driver is arrested one of the BLM leaders calls a black trooper a “house n***a.” As she continues to yell at troopers one of them said, “This isn’t Seattle. This is the freeway. You’ll learn.”

A woman was also arrested for obstructing.

Seattle wasn’t the only city to see unrest this weekend dinners were chased out while they were eating outside during a demonstration.

Notice Antifa is using the same tactics in Rochester that we saw in Portland, notice the large fireworks and shield wall.