Trump Does It Again! Get’s Twitter To Take The Bait Causing Cringe Video Of Biden To Go Viral

One day, the left will learn but today is not that day. The left was hoping they could make this cringe-worthy video of Biden go away. Now, thanks to President Trump all the major news organizations are reporting on it.

Joe Biden was in Florida trying to pander to a Hispanic community that is showing very strong support for President Trump. To kick off the event celebrating Hispanic heritage month in Kissimmee, Florida Biden whipped out his phone as he took the stage and played Despacito.

What Biden did took pandering to a whole new level.

The United Spot decided to have a little fun and posted a couple of videos changing the music to “F The Police.” It was satire comedy and President Trump knowing how the media would react reposted it.

Twitter immediately slapped a warning label on the video saying that the video is “manipulated.”

Right on cue, the media attacked President Trump for reposting manipulated media. What they didn’t realize was that their angry blitz made Biden’s pandering a national news story that they were hoping to brush under the rug. You see, when you click on the manipulated video warning it takes you to the original video of Biden pathetically pandering. Total genius move by the President and the left fell for it again. As of the writing of this post, the original video has now been viewed over 3 million times and that is expected to grow.