Trump Does It Again! This Clearly Got Under Obama And The Media’s Skin

President Trump clearly got under former President Barack Obama and the media’s skin this week because they have been talking about it all week.

In a shocking 180 turn around from the President’s State of the Union speech when Democrats claimed the economy wasn’t good, now all of a sudden the economy is great but, it was because of Obama.

On President’s Day, former President Obama thanked himself for passing one of the worst economic bills ever that had a ton of “shovel ready jobs.” In reality, that bill slowed the growth of the United States for years until President Trump was elected and even Obama admitted the job were as “shovel ready as he thought.”

What’s hilarious is just two weeks ago, after the State of the Union speech we were headed into a recession and President Trump was lying about how good the economy was. Here are some of the headlines about the economy after the President’s speech.

Trump’s Economy Isn’t ‘Great’ – New York Magazine

Trump’s Misleading State of The Union Claims About Reviving The Economy –

3 False Claims Trump Made About The Economy – Business Insider

I could go on.

After former President Obama admitted that the economy is great by trying to take credit for it, the media had to do something, so they hoped in to have Obama’s back. 

But numbers don’t lie and President Trump reminded everyone just how bad Obama’s numbers were.