Trump Gives A Speech And Converts A NeverTrumper

Liberals are constantly bashing Trump. But what would happen if they stopped with all of the hate and listened to what he was saying? One man did just that. He originally was very much against Trump but with time he saw that Trump was not the villain that the media was portraying him to be. So he went to the Tampa Rally and his eyes were opened. Instead of drinking the Liberal Koolaid he listened and found that Trump was making a lot of sense.

Former Trump Hater: “I was worried He wouldn’t be a good Republican, and honestly he has changed my mind a lot. You know the best thing he has done in my opinion is the tax cuts and The Supreme Court Pick. If he keeps doing a good job.. I will.. I didn’t vote for anybody in this very last election. But this time around I will probably vote for him.”

The Never-Trumper was then questioned again after the rally.

“I agree with him we need to make America strong again. We need to make America great again. And I like most of what I heard so coming from a guy who didn’t like him to liking him now I think, that’s a step up right.”

If only Liberals would be as opened minded. This man may not have been a Liberal to start off with but he still was against Trump. But with the overly liberal MSM and the indoctrinated youth it’s no wonder why the public is so misinformed.

Of course, the media doesn’t want you to see how people truly feel about President Trump. Instead, they don’t cover his rallies truthfully. Reporters such as Jim Acosta basically cover themselves and excel at showboating rather than being a reporter. The left and the media keep touting a blue wave in November at the midterms, but Trump’s rallies are packed out the door. It looks more like a red wave is going to crush the left come election time. Real reporters such as Griff Jenkins are getting the word out and I think the left is in for yet another nasty election surprise coming up.”