Trump Jr. Triggers CNN’s Jake Tapper After Release Of Creepy Video Showing Biden’s Behavior With Young Girls

Last week Brian Stelter at CNN was up in arms over that the right-wing media would dare report on Obamagate. Now CNN’s Jake Tapper was furious over a video of Joe Biden’s creepy behavior with you girls.

When Tapper mentions “accusations” of pedophilia he was discussing a video posted by Donald Trump Jr. It is a two-minute video of showing Biden engaged in some very creepy behavior. One clip even shows a mother move Biden’s hand off her daughter.

Trump Jr. also used the video to hammer the New York Times who said that there is not “creepy” about Biden’s behavior. Watch the video below and you tell me if what he does is “normal.”

Even the libs know it which is why they are so mad. Below is a clip from Jon Stewart making fun of “Creepy Joe Biden.”