Trump’s CRT Executive Order Is Working, Activists Laments After Experiencing It’s Sting

About ten days ago President Trump signed an executive order ceasing government organizations from teaching critical race theory.

If you are not familiar with CRT here’s a great explanation from author Ibram X. Kendi, notice at the end he says, “A ‘not racist’ is a racist who is in denial.” Kendi then explains that an “antiracist is someone who is willing to admit the times in which they’re being racist.” CRT requires an antiracist to consistently confess they are racist through struggle sessions and other almost religious type rituals.

Critical Race Theory speaker Rosa Clemente lamented President Trump’s executive order about CRT. Clemente was confirmed the Green Party of the United States Cynthia McKinney’s running mate in 2008.

It’s good to see that the President’s executive order is working.