Tucker Carlson Proves Councilman Cardenas Is Not Fit For Duty

Tucker Carlson Shuts Down Anti-American Council Member.

Liberals/leftists are running the country into the ground Tucker Carlson proves just how far left some elected officials are. He interviewed elected alderman of Chicago George Cardenas. “The Chicago City Council is the legislative branch of the government of the City of Chicago in Illinois. It consists of 50 aldermen elected from 50 wards to serve four-year terms.[1]”

Carlson jumped right into it with Cardenas.

“How will protecting the rights, so-called rights, of illegal immigrants in your city help the citizens of Chicago? the citizens, American citizens, who live there?”

Which of course Cardenas evaded. So Tucker brought him back to the point.

“Let’s get back to how all the energy you are putting into helping people who shouldn’t be here in the first place is benefiting the citizens, the American citizens of Chicago, Why should they be happy about this?

“My constituents are varied. There’s Chinese, there’s Lithuanians, there’s Polish, Mexican, they’re from various parts of the world. I don’t check their status when they come and you know and ask me for help. It’s, it’s unamerican. It’s not, it’s not what I do, I wouldn’t do it to anyone.” Cardenas Replied.

Tucker was not satisfied with that answer so he asked for clarification.

“I wanna be clear on this, so your job is to help any citizen if the world who asks for your help?

Cardenas: “Look people come to my office for help on various sorts of things services and my office helps those people who through the door.”

Tucker: “So you don’t think you have a special obligation to the citizens of this country? Your obligation is the same for the citizen of Bangladesh as it is for as it is for the citizen of America?

Cardenas: I don’t have any citizens of Bangladesh but I you know here…

Tucker: Name a country. You don’t have a special obligation to American Citizens?

Cardenas: Look i’m not checking citizen, I’m not checking citizenship status.

Tucker was quickly fed up with Cardenas dodging the question of what his responsibilities were to the American people and tried to get Cardenas to at least answer that.

“Do you think that you have an obligation to represent American citizens first, above people who are here illegally?”

Cardenas: I represent my citizens very well, Thankyou Tucker. Everyone that comes through that door….

Cardenas unable to answer the question properly tries to accuse Tucker of Stereotyping people by their appearance to which Tucker shuts him down with.

“You are a loathsome Demagogue.”

Watch The Full Interview Below.


This is the kind of evasion and squirming you get from liberal politicians that are not doing their jobs. It is clear that Cardenas is catering to illegal immigrants more than he should, thereby he is making American citizens of this country unjustly wait to be helped. Americans pay the taxes that pay for his salary. But he doesn’t seem to care that he is likely not doing as he is supposed to.