Unbelievable: Rich, Entitled NBA Players Complain Over Food They Are Being Served In ‘Bubble’ To Finish The Season

To finish the season the NBA has moved the entire league to Disney World in Orlando and plan on restarting the season on July 30th.

In a time of national difficulty with high unemployment and an international pandemic rich, entitled NBA players are complaining about the food they are being provided.

Denver Nuggets guard Troy Daniels and Chris Chiozza of the Nets whined about the “league-approved” dinners during their first night staying in Orlando.

Players took pictures of their food which was individually wrapped, the Daily Mail reports:

Served an unappetising chicken main course in a polysterene box complete with a sad-looking lump of mashed potato, both Daniels and Chiozza posted emojis showing their disapproval.

Each item of food was packaged in its own plastic container, with Daniels showing off his watermelon, salad and bread among others alongside the menu complete with NBA logo, but items like the ‘Parmesan polenta with sundried tomatos’ – seen on the left of Chiozza’s post – didn’t quite live up to the billing.

It’s not just NBA players that are complaining about the food, Major League Soccer teams taking part in a tournament at Disney World are also complaining.

Several footballers took to social media to share pictures of their pitiful quarantine diet, courtesy of the Magic Kingdom’s hotels in Orlando where the MLS is Back Tournament begins on Wednesday.

Toronto FC player Omar Gonzalez posted a photo of his sad-looking lunch of a sandwich, banana and an unknown side on Twitter, alongside an image of the in-room dining menu and the sarcastic comment: ‘Yummm…’.

Several MLS players have since voiced concerns, not about the virus, but about the choice of food available to them.

Imagine being out of work right now and you see this. Those players are staying in Disney World, working, and being fed catered meals. Give me a break!