Unions May Be Losing Their Stranglehold On Employees

The Right To Choose Not To Enter Into A Union May Soon Be Back On The Table.

Many businesses have been taken over by Unions, so much so that incoming employees no longer can opt out of a Union. These closed shops are making it so employees are no longer able to be paid based on their hard work. Instead, they are paid based on Union agreements. So if a person was to work hard and put in the extra effort they would be on the same playing field as those in a union who might milk the clock.

The idea of a closed shop may soon be a thing of the past. Teacher’s advocate, Rebecca Friedrichs, has been fighting to allow teachers to opt out of the Union. Teachers were going to lose their jobs due to budget constraints. So Friedrichs came up with a plan that would allow all of the teachers to keep their jobs. But it would require a vote as it would affect all of the teachers pay. Her plan was to have all of the teachers take a pay cut thereby allowing them all to keep their jobs.

Friedrichs tried to survey the teachers but the Union told her that it wasn’t allowed.

“They said absolutely not – would not let me send out that survey. They told me: “Rebecca, don’t worry about those teachers who are going to lose their jobs, the union’s going to take care of them. We’re going to give them a seminar on how to get unemployment benefits.”

So Friedrich was unable to even ask other teachers their opinions on the matter. At that point, she decided she no longer wanted to be in the union. But she found she was unable to leave the Union as it was a closed shop. So she sued the Union and her case made it all the way up to the Supreme Court, where her case hit a snag when Justice Scalia died. The Supreme Court was evenly split on the matter and without a tye breaking judge, the case was sent back down to lower courts where the Union won.

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Luckily another government worker came forward and has filed a similar suit. His case has made it’s way up to the Supreme Court where once again there is a chance for victory. A chance that this might be the end of closed shops.

The court is going to be hearing arguments for the new case on Monday. The Unions are of course scared as this could set a new president Nationwide.