Utah Is Planning On Giving Romney A Decisive Ultimatum

A lot Republicans in Utah are furious with Senator Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) decision to vote in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump.

Other Republicans have been supportive of Romney’s decision saying that they respect him for voting on his principles.

Side note: If Romney is an example of a person with strong principles, I don’t want to have strong principles.

A resolution has been submitted calling on Romney to support the president’s agenda or vacate his seat and it will be considered at the Republican Party state central committee meeting on February 29th.

Brandon Beckham who is a leader for the Republican Party in Utah submitted the resolution, he wrote, “ have officially submitted a resolution for the Utah GOP State Central Committee to formally censure Senator Mitt Romney for his vote to remove.”

The resolution reads, “That the Utah Republican Party calls on Senator Mitt Romney to vigorously support President Trump and his conservative America First agenda or vacate his seat.”

If the motion is approved by the Utah Republican Party it would make an example of Romney who is not reflecting the value of his voters.

“A lot of us feel that it’s sort of an embarrassment to our party,” Beckham said, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Beckham also noted that the Utah GOP had already passed a resolution to show full support of President Trump and called on all Republicans to defend him.

Romney disclosed he did meet with party leaders in Utah but made no comments about what was discussed.

“No question the consequence will be enormous,” Romney said. “The consequence of violating my conscience and my oath of office to God would be even greater.”

Utah Governor Gary Herbert, a Republican, does not support censure against Romney he believes it “would be just a mistake to go down that road.”

On Monday the President also attacked Romney saying, “How’s that Mitt Romney? You keep him, we don’t want him!”

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