Vermont Buckles Under Liberal Pressure

The Liberal Media has been pushing their anti-gun agenda, still attempting to making it seem like guns are the problem. Liberals are still clinging on to the Florida tragedy, using the kids to try and play on any emotion of the public. It is ridiculous.

The kids give long speeches full of emotion and misinformation. Sadly it seems like it is working, as Vermont is passing Anti-Gun Legislation.

The Governor, Republican Phil Scott, has already claimed that he is more than willing to sign off on any Gun Control Legislation. As he feels that something needs to be done. It’s just too bad that he doesn’t see how he is not solving the problem, but instead infringing upon law-abiding citizens rights.

As Governor, I have a moral and legal obligation and responsibility to provide for the safety of our citizens,” the governor said in a statement. “If we are at a point when our kids are afraid to go to school and parents are afraid to put their kids on a bus, who are we?”

The new Gun Control legislation has passed on Friday. The bill has the same limiting nature as the recent Gun Control Bill in Florida. But at least Florida’s bill included arming non-classroom faculty.

The bill bans bump stocks, puts a 10 round limit on high-capacity magazines, expands background checks, and raises the gun purchasing age to 21.

Watch The Video Below.

The Governor also plans to sign two more bills that are moving through the State House.

The other gun-control measures working their way through the legislature include a bill to create “extreme risk protection orders” that can prohibit people from possessing a gun for up to a year if a court finds they pose a significant danger.

So-called “red flag” bills have gained momentum around the U.S. following the Parkland, Fla., school shooting because supporters believe they provide a way to disarm people who are deemed dangerous, but haven’t committed a crime.

The third bill involves removing guns from people arrested or cited for domestic assault.”