VIDEO! Biden Panics When Asked About Micheal Flynn, Total Breakdown When Asked A Follow Question

Oh boy, Joe Biden was a hot mess during an appearance on Good Morning America with George Stephanopolous.  He was asked some uncomfortable questions and then when George followed-up he crumbled like a cookie.

When the words Michael Flynn came out of Stephanopolous’ mouth Biden signed loudly and panicked. He went on a long rant about how American’s are dying and that Micheal Flynn is a diversion. Biden claimed that the Department of Justice dropping the case against Michael Flynn was “to create a diversion” from the “horrible way Trump has handled the Wuhan virus.


It’s didn’t get any better when asked about Tara Reade’s allegations he said, “Women should be believed” but what Tara Reade accuses me of “never happened.”

There is no way that man can debate President Trump, he can’t even handle a follow-up question from a friendly reporter. This virus is going to be over soon and at some point, Biden is going to have to come out of his basement and when that happens his campaign will fall apart.

The people right now that are trying to create a diversion is the Democrat Party. They need a diversion to hide the fact that their presumptive nominee for President of the United States is struggling with mental illness. The Democratic Party also needs a diversion from what is happening with the Russian collusion hoax and the latest declassified documents seem to reveal that the Russian Collusion narrative was started by Barak Obama himself.

Here were some great responses from Biden’s appearance…