Vote By Mail Chaos! Battleground Election Officials Are Quitting, ‘The Courts & The Governor Have Created A…’

In Pennsylvania election directors and deputy, directors are quitting in droves because of the new law passed to accommodate mail-in voting.

“The general assembly, the courts, and the governor have created a s—show of an election. Nobody truly understands what’s what,” one county election official said, “nobody has a grasp.”

The concern from officials is coming after it took weeks to report the June primary results. With less than 45 days before the November 3rd election officials are warning, the results are going to be a mess.

NBC News reports:

An email among a group of Pennsylvania directors of elections, provided to NBC News, shared that nearly one in four counties across the state has seen leaders in their election offices leave.

At least one, in Mifflin County, left for a promotion to the Pennsylvania Department of State and has since been replaced. Others though, left after the new state law around mail-in ballots was passed last fall, or retired — and some of these positions are still left unfilled.

The emails describe that to loss of election officials should be “a Canary in the coal mine.”

“The loss of so many county election officials in a single year, more than anything else, should be a canary in the coal mine for state-level stakeholders to recognize that the current paradigm is unsustainable,” the email reads in part, also warning that there’s a potential for more officials to leave before November 3rd.

“The Department of State is taking every possible step to assist counties as they deal with these challenges,” Wanda Murren with the PA Department of State, which oversees the state’s electoral process, wrote in a statement to NBC News. “Election administrators are a special group of people, dedicated to doing the hard work of democracy. We are extremely grateful to those who continue that work and we will continue to do everything possible to assist them and the new election personnel coming on board.”

Officials are upset about the constant changes that have occurred over how’s to run the election.

“Everybody’s had it,” one county election official said. “We don’t get paid enough, we’re working 15 or 16 hours days, and [the Department of State] keeps changing everything and so we have to keep throwing stuff away. It’s a waste of our office’s resources. It’s just insane. I’ve been through tough elections before and never seen anything like this ever. And with the new laws on top of it, it’s unreal.”

No doubt, Governor Wolf’s (D) lack of fairness and leadership is creating an environment that will cause a tremendous amount of chaos.

You can’t blame the election officials, they don’t want to be the scapegoat.

NBC News