Watch: As Sunbelt Clams CNN PivotsPandemic Panic To Children…This Is The Perfect Example Of Gaslighting

What happened on CNN is the perfect example of gaslighting.

Forget the good news in the sunbelt that coronavirus cases have peaked and that the death toll hasn’t skyrocketed the panic porn from CNN has moved on to children.

Here’s some data on the sunbelt:

Get ready for the next “disaster” according to CNN, high schoolers. Mind you CNN has been wrong about, well, just about everything.

However, according to reports, 22 countries in Europe resumed classes in May and have had no major outbreaks.

On June 10th Politico reported:

Denmark, where the first children began returning in mid-April, when the country had just under 200 new cases a day. As of June 8, Denmark had just 14 daily new cases. And while the reproduction rate of the virus increased after the country began reopening, it has since dropped.

The head of experimental virology at Copenhagen University’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Allan Randrup Thomsen, was initially hesitant about the move. But now he notes that, since reopening, there “hasn’t been any effect that we can see.”

Denmark health officials were astounded to learn that they observed less spread than the “statistical models predicted.”

“Opening the schools has really not been translated into any imprint in the transmission numbers,” Soren Riis Paludan, professor on virology at Aarhus University said.

In Austria, schools reopened in May with little problems.

“Based on the scientific evidence alone, I would say that’s not a good reason for closing the schools,” said Riis Paludan. Instead, he believes, the key is to protect the elderly.

Randrup Thomsen is similarly hopeful.

“If we came to a situation where we had to lock down again, because of research in the epidemic, we should very seriously consider whether closing the schools is actually necessary,” he said.

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