Watch: As Far Left Activists Burn American Cities CNN & MSNBC Are Hype Two Stories That Are FALSE

After far-left activists threw another temper tantrum over the grand jury’s decision in the Brenna Taylor case the media went into overdrive spreading two stories that are false.

The media planted a question during the President’s press conference and then they manipulated the President’s words. Here’s a transcript of exactly what the President said:

Keep in mind since Wednesday afternoon far-left activists rioted in New York, DC, Louisville, St. Louis, Portland, and Seattle. In Louisville, a rioter shot two police officers.

This is what the media is talking about:

The far left is destroying the country and this what Democrats and the media are spreading:

I don’t know about you but, I’m really starting to get fed up with the Democrats. All last weekend they threatened to burn this country to ground, to include some in the media. Now, they want to claim the President won’t leave the White House peacefully if he loses the election.

The good news is I don’t think most people are buying it, because CNN’s Oliver Darcy is lamenting that these are the current top three posts on Facebook. Facebook is a much larger platform than twitter and Darcy is warning his buddies people aren’t listening to them.