Watch: Beto Blames Violence Skyrocketing In Cities On Republicans ‘Death Cult Mentality’

As violent crime spikes failed Democrat presidential nominee, Beto O’Rourke claimed that the violence comes from Republican “death cult mentality.”

It should be no surprise that he said this during an appearance on MSNBC with host, Joy Reid. He was originally commenting on Texas Governor Greg Abbot’s call for schools to reopen in the fall.

“These are the same people who want us to accept that more people, including children, will die of gun violence this year in America than in any other developed country, bar none,” O’Rourke said, referring to Republican leaders. “It’s just the price of quote-unquote freedom in this country.”

“And in some ways, they’ve almost won that fight,” O’Rourke continued. “If you look at the gun laws that are on the books — and the gun laws that should be on the books and aren’t in this country — in some ways we have tacitly accepted this historic, tragic level of gun violence in America that continues to rise. We saw that just over the weekend in many American cities.

“It’s that same kind of death cult mentality that asks us to accept one quarter, 25 percent, of the world’s COVID cases — one quarter, 25 percent, of the world’s COVID deaths — though we represent only 4 percent of the globe’s population.”

What Beto didn’t mention was the cities to see spikes in violence – like New York City, Baltimore, and Chicago – are Democrat-run. As he spewed his mantra about the coronavirus O’Rourke also failed to mention that the 8 of the ten top states with the highest coronavirus deaths have Democrat Governors.

As Beto slammed his Governor claiming he should resign Texas ranks 14th in coronavirus deaths despite being the second most populated state in the country. As of Wednesday, Texas, a state of almost 28 million people recorded less than 2,900 deaths compared to New York which had more than 32,000 deaths for a population of 19.5 million.

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