Watch: Biden Doesn’t Think The American People ‘Deserve’ To Know Anything

Joe Biden doesn’t think the American people need to know what he would do with the Supreme Court. During an interview with a Milwaukee television station, he said America would have to elect him first.

Joe admitted he has a list of potential nominees but he won’t release it. There are rumors that one of the reasons he won’t release is because the wannabe governor of Georgia Stacy Abrams is on the top of the list.


He admitted that his first pick is based on race and gender.

“Should voters know?” the reporter asked. “Should voters know who you’re going to appoint?”

“No, they don’t, but they will if I’m elected. They’ll have plenty of time,” Biden answered.

Sorry, Joe, we heard that same garbage during the Obamacare debate, and look at what happened to our healthcare system.

During a rally in Swanton, Ohio,  President Trump gave his opinion as to why Biden won’t release his list.

“They don’t want to show the judges because the only ones he can put in are far-left radicals,” Trump said, adding that a nominee “left-of-center” would not be enough for progressives.

“So he’s going to have to put in radicals,” Trump argued, “so he doesn’t want to show who his judges are.”

Trump believes that if Biden ever did release his list he would be “unelectable.”

Breitbart News