Watch: Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Admits It, We Are Facing A Marxists Revolution

Many have said what we are facing is a communist revolution, we’ve seen communists struggle sessions, we just witnessed kids influenced by radicals thwart the President’s rally in Tulsa using a CCP app. Now the co-founder of BLM admits this is a Marxist movement.

Alexandra Phillips from the Telegraph wrote:

BLM happily self-identifies as a neo-Marxist movement with various far left objectives, including defunding the police (an evolution of the Panther position of public open-carry to control the police), to dismantling capitalism and the patriarchal system, disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure, seeking reparations from slavery to redistribute wealth and via various offshoot appeals, to raise money to bail black prisoners awaiting trial.

Here is Co-Founder of BLM Patrisse Cullors admit, she is a “trained organizers” and “trained Marxist.”

Here’s another great example…

Don’t think the woke mob isn’t just going after the right-wing, they are also bullying academia, they are trying to shut down, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), because those studies are racist.

They have already come for the Police, businesses, and academia; next will be religion and guns.