Watch: Black Lives Matter NYC Leader Issues Ultimatum & Compares Himself To Jesus: ‘If This Country Doesn’t Give Us What We Want, Then…’

New York City Black Lives matter Chairman Hawk Newsome issued an ultimatum while appearing with Martha Maccallum on Fox News.

“If this country doesn’t give us what we want then we will burn down the system and replace it — I can be speaking figuratively, I can be speaking literally.”

He then strangely compared himself to Jesus…

Newsome seems to strongly align himself with Jesus below is his twitter bio…

Newsome is also not shy about what BLM’s goals are he openly admits this is a revolution.

We were warned about this from Jame O-Keefe at project veritas when they exposed the underbelly of the Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential campaign. One of his street organizers said that if Bernie was not the nominee the streets will burn and here we are, they were just looking for a reason.

It’s also very curious that the Democrat Party has decided to have a virtual convention due to the coronavirus. But, could they be using the coronavirus as an excuse to make sure protesters don’t crash the convention?