Watch: Chicago Mayor Flip Flops Over Feds…Funny What Happens When Money Is Invovled

Following Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot the past couple of days has been amusing, to say the least. During the press conference yesterday, when asked about federal resources flooding the city she went into the usual Trump, is racist blah, blah, blah, mantra.

However, she made it clear that what the President has proposed in Chicago is not what is occurring in Portland. She claimed the city has a good working relationship with the ATF, DEA, and FBI. Lightfoot has welcomed the boost, including the federal money that is coming with them all the while making sure everyone knows “orange man bad.”

She is very aware her city is being engulfed with violence and admitted that there is a massive gang war taking place. All while bashing President Trump she voiced support for the local federal prosecutor that will oversee the operation. The press conference was comical to watch, it went something like this:

Orange man bad! But I’ll take his money. Orange man bad! FBI is good, Orange bad! I like the federal prosecutor. Orange man bad! This won’t be Portland! We have a good relationship with federal authorities.

It was hilarious to listen too but, the politics is enough to make you sick. President Trump is sending federal resources to help your city and you slam the guy.

Below is a segment of the press conference.

Oh but that wasn’t all, during a segment on MSNBC with the Rev. Al Sharpton Lightfoot said that she is going to work with federal agents to help quell the violence that has gripped the city.