Watch: Conservative Steven Crowder Snaps! ‘Donald Trump When Are You Going To Do Something!?’

Conservative podcaster, Steven Crowder snapped, he attacked President Trump and claimed that ‘it’s table tossing time.”

Crowder ranted in a video posted on twitter for about two minutes enraged about the police officer charged over the murder of Rayshard Brooks. No one escaped his rant including President Trump. Crowder lamented how the liberal mob is tearing the country apart and Republicans are doing nothing to stop them.

He is clearly speaking out of frustration, there is only so much President Trump can do, the President is not responsible for the inners workings of an American city. I would even argue that Republicans are doing a lot, notice in Republican-controlled areas there is not as much chaos if any.

We posted the full video from Crowder’s YouTube account at the bottom of this post so you can hear his entire post in context. 

There is a good argument that letting these Democrat strongholds fall apart is a good thing. Americans are getting an unfiltered view of leftist ideology, they want to defund the police, allow riots in the streets, tear down statues and censor TV shows. Meanwhile, on the right we want law and order, increase funding to police departments so officers are better trained, remember our past so it doesn’t happen again, and get manufacturing back in the United States providing opportunities for ALL people.

During the rally in Tulsa, President Trump delivered a powerful line that the media ignored but, it will shape what the 2020 election is all about.