Watch: Dem Congressman Defends China For Lying About The Coronavirus, ‘It’s Not Actually Their…’

Democrat Congressman Adam Smith (D-Wash) gave a floor speech defending China for lying about the coronavirus.

He claimed, “It’s not actually their job to warn the American people.”

“Actually,” it is China’s job Congressman.

China was legally obligated to notify the WHO about an outbreak.

From the World Health Organization Guidance for the Use of Annex 2 of the INTERNATIONAL HEALTH REGULATIONS (2005):

Each State Party shall notify WHO, by the most efficient means of communication available, by way of the National IHR Focal Point, and within 24 hours of assessment of public health information, of all events which may constitute a public health emergency of international concern within its territory in accordance with the decision instrument, as well as any health measure implemented in response to those events.

Over 130,000 dead Americans and this what the Democrats have to say:

Here’s some more Chinese propaganda from the New York Times:

Who are they kidding? I’m still old enough to remember the World Health Organization told us there was no human to human transmission of the virus on January 14

The New York Times also ignored the CDC report that showed the Wuhan Virus was already spreading inside the USA back in January.


From NBC News:

The coronavirus began quietly spreading in the U.S. as early as late January, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.

The CDC traced the early spread in several ways, including what’s called syndromic surveillance of emergency department records, tests of respiratory specimens and analyses of the virus’s genetic sequences from early cases.

Health officials announced the first coronavirus case in the U.S. four months ago, on Jan. 21. The patient, a man in his 30s who lived outside of Seattle, flew home on Jan. 15 after traveling in Wuhan, China, where the pandemic originated.

But the CDC said it will likely never be known if the man was the first person in the U.S. with the virus.


This is the 2020 Democrat Party, unbelievable! This is what we are going to get if Joe Biden is elected President in November.

Meanwhile, President Trump gave a very strong coronavirus briefing and even the press core behaved itself.


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