Watch: GOP Senator Tim Scott Unmasks Dems Over His Police Reform Bill, He Made Concessions They Just Walked Away

Senator Tim Scott blew the whistle on the Democrats over his police reform bill during his appearance on CBS “Face The Nation.” Scott tells that he was willing to make some of the changes Democrat Senators requested and they just walked away.

So there you have Senator Scott was willing to change his bill and the Democrats just walked away.

Scott did say that he tried to fashion the with some things the House wanted but he would not demonize the police.

A leader for the NAACP, Shrrilyn Ifill also appeared on CBS’s Face The Nation and said that even if Vice President Mike Pence said that Black Lives Matter his words would have been “hallow.”

Ifill also claimed that Republican Senator Tim Scott’s bill only collected data and didn’t offer a “regime of accountability.”

When statements like that are made it could make a person wonder when are the Democrats going to claim that city’s and states have corrupt police departments so we’ll just nationalize police. They tried to push that narrative during the early years of the Obama administration.