Watch: Leftists Flip Out After What Biden Just Said At The Border

They are flipping out.

Last week, leftists may not have been saying it publically, but they were jealous over what happened as the GOP negotiated how Kevin McCarthy would become speaker of the House.

A small faction of congressional members held out until they got what they wanted before giving the establishment their pick. Rep. Matt Gaetz – who was the ringleader – said he flipped his vote to present because he ran out of things to demand.

For years members like AOC claimed to be against the establishment but also voted as they were told.

Now leftists just took another gut punch and they are fuming.

Biden says (we’ll see what happens) he is going to impose one of Trump’s most stringent immigration rules.

During his visit to the border, President Biden announced the US will block migrants from Haiti, Nicaragua, and Cuba from applying for asylum if they were caught crossing the border from Mexico into the USA.

Senator Bernie Sanders, former National Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray, now MSM journalist, pointed out the hypocrisy.

Many wonder if what Biden said was just lip service, but indications say this is a real problem for him. For example, read look at the post below from MSNBC.

Additionally, on December 15, 2022, Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock issued an emergency declaration for the city and county of Denver because of a surge of migrants that have arrived in the city.

From the Denver Post:

Hancock reiterated at a news conference Thursday that the migrants and asylum seekers were coming either on their own or at the encouragement of nonprofit organizations at the border that have provided recommendations for places they can go without advanced notice. Many have made their way to Denver via El Paso, Texas.

El Paso, is also a Democrat-run city.



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