Watch: Man Arrested For Defending Himself After BLM Mob Surrounds His Home Over Trump Flag

History is repeating itself, in Milwaukee, the Black Lives Matter movement appears to be reliving the Salem Witch Trials.

A mob of Black Lives Matter supporters purposely surround a home for several hours. It’s unclear why the mob was at his home but he did display a “Trump Train” and American flag outside his home.

The mob claimed that what they did was justified because the man is a “racist” and has a confederate flag. No confederate flag was seen in the video. The man did arm himself inside his home.

As you saw in the video the crowd was taunting the man, entered his property, and then called the police when he defended himself.

One of the prominent activists involved in this occurrence was also involved in a mob that burned a house to the ground in June claiming that the occupants kidnapped two teenage girls.

The mob furious that police didn’t do enough burned the home to the ground. In reality, the girls were not missing and they were never at the home the mob torched. Three people were shot and 10 police officers and firefighters were injured.

On a side note, the Milwaukee Department of Health has a team of “social workers” that the left claim will save us all called the 414LIFE team. They were on the scene of the chaos in June and were unable to stop the chaos that occurred that night.


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