Watch: Pelosi Challenger Bravely Stands Up To Antifa Death Threats, ‘You Got The…’

John Dennis is the chairman of the San Francisco GOP and he is also planning on challenging Rep. Nancy Pelosi in her district. Over the weekend the San Francisco GOP and Dennis were confronted by Antifa and they bravely responded to death threats.

Over the weekend the San Francisco GOP and Dennis went out to clean up the streets and expose just how disgusting (literally) Nancy Pelosi’s district is.

During the clean up they even removed human feces that was behind a food truck.

At some point during the event Antifa showed up to confront Dennis but what they didn’t know is that even though he’s lived in California for 30 years he grew up in a housing project in Jersey City, New Jersey (he’s no chump). Not only did Antifa disagree with Antifa he said he wanted Dennis dead.

There is no mistaking what Antifa wants to intimidate and scare law-abiding citizens. During the confrontation Dennis asked the man from Antifa why he was so angry and the man replied:

“No, I actually want you dead….Because you’re a piece of s**t….Because you’re racist.”

After some back and forth, the guy from Antifa erupted and said:

“Bruh, I’m gonna catch you when all the cameras aren’t around, and I’m gonna f**k you up.”

However, Dennis’s reply was perfect, “You’ve got the wrong guy. You’ve got the very wrong guy.”

Red State