Watch: Pregnant Aussie Mother Arrested Over Facebook Post About Lockdown

Twenty-eight-year-old mother, Zoe Buhler from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia was handcuffed and arrested after police raided her home because of a Facebook post.

“Excuse me, incitement for what, what on Earth? I’m in my pajamas, my two kids are here,” she said, clearly confused.

“I have an ultrasound in an hour because I’m pregnant.”

Police raided her home because she organized an event on Facebook called “Freedom Day Ballarat” that was to take place at 11 am Saturday. The event was to protest the coronavirus stay at home order.

“Anyone from Ballarat please join us in our fight for freedom and human rights!’ she wrote on Sunday with a link to the event page.

As she was handcuffed Buhler insisted that she did not break any laws.

“Actually you are, that’s why we’re arresting you in relation to incitement,” one officer replied.

Her boyfriend James Timmins was trying to mediate with officers while holding their child.

“How about she just doesn’t do the event? It’s not like she’s done it, she made a post,” he said.

Police refused the offer, “You’ve already committed the offense.”

Buhler then became incredibly emotional saying that she didn’t even realize she was breaking the law and had trouble speaking.

Later that day, Buhler was charged with incitement and released on bail.

According to the law in Australia “incitement” is defined as “an act of urging on or spurring on or rousing to action or instigating.” What’s even crazier is that according to the law in Buhler’s state “the substantive offense does not require a person to act upon the incitement, but rather, an attempt to incite is sufficient.”

The now-deleted post by Buhler called for “PEACEFUL PROTEST” and requested that “all social distancing measures are to be followed so we don’t get arrested. Please wear a mask unless you have a medical reason not to.”

A spokesperson for the Victoria Police told the Daily Mail Australia that if anybody is thinking of “attending the protest they can expect a swift and firm response from police.”

“We will have no hesitation in issuing $1,652 fines to anyone who is breaching the restrictions on the day, or making arrests if necessary.”

The protest being organized by Buhler was to coincide with “Freedom Day” which was to protest the draconian lockdown that is not to be lifted until September 13th.

The lockdown in Melbourne is so strict that exercise is limited to a maximum of one hour per day and you are not allowed to stray more than five kilometers (around 3 miles) from your home.

Recently police in Melbourne swarmed residents when a neighborhood decided that they would all take their one hour allotted time to exercise at the same time.