Watch: Pres Trump Hit A Nerve During Press Conference & The Media Went Nuts Because They It’s How He’ll Win The Election

President Trump has never shied away from tough conversations. When he announced that he was going to run for president he called out the criminals and drug dealers that penetrate our southern border. Bravely President Trump is confronting another issue and the media went nuts because they know he’s right.

President Trump has touted that the “suburban housewife” will be voting for him because they want safety. He has warned that Biden will reinstall the Obama-era Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation that requires local jurisdictions to assess and address racial and economic disparities. Trump suspended the move last month and wants to terminate it permanently.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development said the goal of the program is “replacing segregated living patterns with truly integrated and balanced living patterns, transforming racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty into areas of opportunity, and fostering and maintaining compliance with civil rights and fair housing laws.”

President Trump posted a message about it and then was asked to clarify during a press conference.

Well, the press core went nuts with that MSNBC’s “journalist” (more like activists) Yamichie couldn’t contain herself.

Crime is spiking in cities all over the nation thanks to poor democrat leadership. On top of that Antifa and activists are starting to raid residential areas. People in the suburbs are not going to stand for that, they may post on social media how much they hate Trump but, will sing a different tune when it’s time to vote. They don’t want Chicago’s violence in their neighborhood.

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