Watch: Schiff Now Inserts Russia Into BLM Riots…I Think He’s Finally LOST His Mind

I think House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff has lost his mind, he’s now thrown Russia into the BLM riots storyline.

Last week, we witnessed a shift from Democrats they went from saying the riots are “mostly peaceful” protests occurring around the nation to they are Trump’s fault. No doubt they were horrified by their internal polling and the beating they took during the Republican National Convention.

Joe Biden has come out blaming President Trump for the violence.

Of course, we know that the day before a President Trump supporter was gunned down by a person that declared himself “100% Antifa,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler turned down the President’s offer to send National Guard troops to help.

A little over 24 hours later Mayor Wheeler attacked the President.

For weeks we have heard the media and Democrats tell us that Antifa doesn’t exist and these riots are “peaceful protests.” We all watched as the press and Democrats freak out when President Trump used the National Guard to stop the riots in DC and Federal Law Enforcement officers secured the courthouse in Portland.

With that talking point dead on arrival for Democrats first thing Monday morning Adam Schiff goes on CNN and blames civil unrest on Russia.

Honestly, I think the Democrats have no idea what to say and they are just throwing out talking points hoping one sticks. Below is a great example, on Sunday Portland Mayor Wheeler blames the President than on Monday morning appears on CNN and said he’s willing to reach across the aisle because “somebody’s got to do it.”

The genie the Democrats unleashed is not going to fit back into the bottle.

Below are is the data on arrests resulting from riots across the country.