Watch: Seattle Mayor To CHAZ, Time’s Up! However, Chaz’s Response Shows They Don’t Plan On Going Anywhere

The festival-like atmosphere has changed in Seattle autonomous zone after two shootings in 48 hours Mayor Jenny Durkan said that “it’s time for people to go home.” However, she promises not to use the police.

In a long thread, Mayor Durkan wrote:

Across the City, hundreds of thousands have gathered daily at different events protesting the murder of George Floyd and hundreds of years of systemic racism that led to his death. A recent silent march had nearly 85,000 peaceful attendees whose message was clear: we need change.

At the same time, tens of thousands of people have been gathering in Capitol Hill for nearly two weeks to continue their protest, to build community and demand change. During the day, it has been a place for healing, education, and community – but it is very different at night.

In the past two nights, three different people have been shot at the CHOP. Two were injured, and one has tragically died. Any incidents of gun violence in our city are deeply concerning to me, Chief @carmenbest, our residents, businesses, and the greater community.

This is unacceptable. We have worked hard to address gun violence in our city – particularly among our youth – yet this Saturday morning, a 19 year old tragically lost his life.As a mother of a 19 year old, I cannot begin to imagine the grief his mother and family are feeling.

As part of the 2020 and 2021 budget, we will be looking at @SeattlePD‘s culture and budget. Police should not always be first people on the scene to deal with every call for help. Not every 9-1-1 call requires someone with a firearm to show up.

But Chief @carmenbest has made it clear to me that for the short-term, our Police Department will need East Precinct to ensure public safety and appropriately respond to more than 100,000 9-1-1 calls. In the near future, SPD will be peacefully returning to the East Precinct.

The video that came out of the zone over the weekend showed that militant gang warfare is taking over the zone during the overnight hours. Not that it isn’t there during the day its just camouflaged better when the suns out.

The protestors did respond to Durkan’s thread and she is not going to like their response.

So just who is going to get these people to move? Mayor Durkan needs to resign there is no way she is going to get that zone to empty without the police moving in.

A very talented journalist made this mini-documentary that showed what is really going on, you aren’t going to see this on cable news.