Watch: The Mob Is Targeting DHS Secretary. Show Up At His House, ‘We Must Make It…’

A small group of protestors showed up at acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf who has a wife and two small children.

The women with the bullhorn said that “there’s no legal consequences” for people like him. “[Wolf] lives here quietly…and we need to do something about that.”

As the liberal women ranted on her megaphone she said that there group at Wolf’s home will continue to grow and they plan on making things uncomfortable for him.


Activists went to Wolf’s home to criticize the use of federal officers in Portland and Seattle to protect federal property.

They claim “peaceful protestors” are being abused by federal authorities. Those peaceful protestors have injured at least six federal officers. The “peaceful protestors” have turned Portland and Seattle into a war zone. Below is video only from this weekend…

Federal authorities were forced to drive activists away from the courthouse after they used a metal grinder and ropes to tear down the fence protecting the building. After federal officers pushed the crowd away, Portland Police did arrive and assist them in breaking up the riot. Mayor Wheeler is slamming the President on CNN but in his city the police are assisting.

Federal officers did break up the crowd and pushed into the park to clear out the activists. Note the professionalism coming from the federal officers as they push the crowd back as they order the crowd to disperse.

Federal officers can only push the rioters back so far however, Portland Police arrived to break up the riot.

Below is Portland Police not federal officers breaking up the crowd…


This is what those people harassing DHS Secretary Wolf approve of.