Watch: Trump Advisor Exposes Fauci ‘Mistakes’ & The Media Goes Into Full Spin Mode

On Monday, the media was in full-blown freakout mode over the coronavirus in Florida and Trump advisor Peter Navarro hammered Dr. Fauci.

MSNBC, contributor Dr. Vin Gupta said, “Floridians are going to die. “It’s not hard to predict where this is headed. It’s to badness.”

Apparently, “badness” is a new technical medical term.


As a whole, the media went into full coronavirus hysteria on Monday morning. After the Trump administration released facts exposing how Dr. Fauci was wrong, and trade advisor Peter Narrovo exposed his mistakes in a Washington Post article. CNN went into full-blown spin mode.

The facts released by the White House has definitely spooked media into worrying that their beloved Dr. Fauci may be “canceled.” After all, it was his advice that the President was following, and early on Fauci’s advice was dead wrong.

In January, Fauci said that the coronavirus was “not a major threat” and said that people don’t need to worry about wearing masks. He also claimed that asymptomatic people did not transmit the virus.

Trade advisor to President Trump Peter Navarro held Fauci accountable and said, “Dr. Fauci has a good bedside manner with the public but he has been wrong about everything I have ever interacted with him on,” Navarro said to the Washington Post.

“Now Fauci is saying that a falling mortality rate doesn’t matter when it is the single most important statistic to help guide the pace of our economic reopening. So when you ask me if I listen to Dr. Fauci’s advice, my answer is only with caution,” he added.

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