What Happened On Friday Night Is Why Biden Can’t & Won’t Be President, It’s Just Irresponsible

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign fumbles about as much as Joe does when he speaks on the campaign trail and after what occurred on Saturday the man can not be President. The American people will not vote for someone that has these kinds of issues. 

Late last week the Biden campaign started new strategy is to try and make Biden appear “presidential,” after the President gives a major address, 12 hours later Biden is making a statement on the same topic. 

On Friday after the President declared a state of emergency and walked the country through what will take place in the next few weeks, that evening Biden tried to conduct a digital town hall and it was a train wreck.

If your campaign can’t set up a simple digital town hall how is he capable of creating an Administration that can take care of the country? On top of that Biden wasn’t even sure in the event he won the election when he would actually be president.

Then the wandering started.

The Biden campaign is in for a rude awakening, the guy can’t even keep it together by himself conducting a town hall how is he going to make it through the fall campaign season? 

The Biden campaign was obviously was trying to Joe out there to appear Presidential, as if he can actually do something. What he really needs to do is help the Trump administration spread correct information and point people to places where they can get help. But, alas, the hatred for Trump is too strong.

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