Woke Education Mob Issues New EDICT About Math Class…Another Reason To Start Homeschooling

I don’t even know where to start…

A Brooklyn College Professor of Math Education made a statement about math that was echoed and promoted by several other academics at universities across the country and it was a doozy.

Professor Laurie Rubel, from Brooklyn College, wrote that the mathematical equation of 2+2=4 “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy.”

Laurie Rubel, Worte that the idea of math being cultural neutral is a “myth,” and that 2 plus 2 equals 4 “reek of White supremacist patriarchy.”

“Y’all must know that the idea that math is objective or neutral IS A MYTH,” she tweeted.

Spencer Bagley, a math professor at Westminster College located in Pennsylvania, agreed with Rubel’s and reposted her comments.

On top of that Rochelle Gutierrez, who teaches “Sociopolitical Perspectives on Mathematics and Science Education” at the University of Illinois, responded o a tweet from a former educator claiming that the U.S. “colonizes” math.

Gutierrez gleefully responded, “YES! This attends to the Cultures/Histories dimension of RM (addressing Western/Eurocentric maths). And, we also want to attend to the Living Practice dimension (which is more about imagining a version that builds upon ancestral knowings, but does not yet exist).”

Shoutout to Campus Reform who captured the posts before they were deleted.

Kareem Carr, a PHD student at Harvard University, claimed, “People say it’s subjectivism to ask if math is Western. I don’t get that. It’s an objective fact that some groups were more involved in the creation of modern math than others. They may have been *trying* to make it objective but it’s not stupid to ask if they actually succeeded!”

Some academics hit back.

James Lindsay, a math academic that wrote hoax papers to be published in “social justice” journals fired back.

“It’s certainly the case, and the Woke need to be held firmly to the point, that feats of engineering like space travel and rocketry utterly depend upon accepting stable meanings of mathematical statements like 2+2=4 as objectively true, not mere accidents of culture.”

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