Woodward Hit Piece Flounders After Video Of Trump Battling Acosta During March Press Conference Emerges

Tom Elliott from Grabian News did some digging after the Woodward hit piece was published. What he found was Trump battling Jim Acosta publically saying similar sediments that he told Bob Woodward. The press is claiming that President Trump mislead the American people over the coronavirus however, since day one the President was honest with the American people.

The seven-minute clip of President Trump is from a coronavirus task force press briefing battling CNN’s Jim Acosta. During the exchange, President Trump said that he wants to give people hope and he wants to be a cheerleader for the American people.

Tim Elliott is asking for credit because I’m sure he went through hours of footage to find this so if you share this video please give him credit.

Democrats were actually the ones publically downplaying the virus.

Here’s Pelosi herself downplaying the virus.

Let us not forget what Democrats were up to when the first case hit American shores.

The story is flopping though and Woodward is getting backlash. Some liberals are furious Woodward didn’t break this story earlier.

Woodward’s hit job would have worked 15 years ago however, in the age of the internet in about 24-48 hours the above clip of President Trump will have millions of views. Notice how quickly the military general story went away? We should all expect an “October Suprise” every week between now and the election. Democrats are desperate.

Let’s call this what it is…Democrat’s needed to get the news cycle away from the riots and this was their attempt.