You Know, That Guy That ‘Served In Vietnam?’ He Could Be Jumping Into The 2020 Race

The Democrat presidential primary is in chaos and the only thing that kept most people from realizing it was the impeachment of President Trump. Since the Impeachment of President Trump is coming to an end the bandaid on Democrats is being ripped off.

One of Joe Biden’s biggest supporters was overheard in Des Moines, Iowa at a hotel talking about what he would need to get done so he would enter the presidential race because of “the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party — down whole.”

NBC News reported:

Sitting in the lobby restaurant of the Renaissance Savery hotel, Kerry was overheard by an NBC News analyst saying “maybe I’m f—ing deluding myself here” and explaining that to run, he’d have to step down from the board of Bank of America and give up his ability to make paid speeches. Kerry said donors like venture capitalist Doug Hickey would have to “raise a couple of million,” adding that such donors “now have the reality of Bernie.”

Kerry denied the report and initially tweeted “any report otherwise is f—ing (or categorically) false.” Minutes later he deleted the tweet and reposted it without the swear word. Luckily the internet is forever and a conservative reporter replied to the tweet that Kerry removed the swear word from.

Just a side note, Kerry can’t even swear right, who uses the F-word and categorically in the same sentence.

Later in the day Kerry did make a statement to reporters and said, “This is a complete and total misinterpretation based on overhearing only one side of a phone conversation. A friend who watches too much cable called me wondering whether I’d ever jump into the race late in the game if Democrats were choosing an unelectable nominee. I listed all the reasons I could not possibly do that and would not — and will not under any circumstances — do that.”

I realize that I’m comparing notes from two liars, the first being NBC News and the second John Kerry who if you didn’t know, served in Vietnam (sarcasm). But, I’m going with NBC News the fact that he knew he could get donors to raise money with the “reality of Bernie” is all I needed to hear. Plus, Kerry is really stupid and would be dumb enough to have that conversation in public.

With the reality of Bernie on the march, chaos has entered the Democrat party and now that they can’t use impeachment as a smokescreen it’s laid bare for all to see.

May I just say, I would love to watch President Trump debate John Kerry, the man would be cross-eyed and slurring his speech before it was over.

NBC News