Youtube Deemed This Video Of President Trump’s July 3rd Speech ‘Unsuitable’

Grabien media is a video news aggregator that collects video clips and makes them available for publishers.

Tom Elliott is president of Grabein news and on Tuesday posted a video on Youtube and was informed by the silicon valley giant that this video of President Trump is “unsuitable for advertisers.” The video is still available on Youtube but Grabien News will not be allowed to earn money from the views. The clip was President Trump speech during visit to Mount Rushmore on July 3rd. The President was discussing the radical left trying to wipe out our history.

Many have said that President Trump’s July 3rd speech at Mt. Rushmore was his best speech yet and they must be right because the media lost their minds.

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said that the President’s speech “could be a turning point” for the president if he “has the good sense to respond to it effectively.”

The New York Times said the speech was “dark and divisive” and the Washington Post reported the Trump “delivered a dark speech ahead of Independence Day in which he sought to exploit the nation’s racial and social divisions.”

Perhaps the Los Angeles Times had the most comical take claiming the President was using the 4th of July to “stoke a culture war.”

If anyone is trying to stoke a culture war it’s those on the extreme left setting up autonomous zones and murdering 8-year-old girls.

The President’s message over the weekend was simple calling on Americans to live up to our principles of the Founding Fathers and he called out the left attempting a cultural revolution.

It’s not just people on the right that feel this way, Black Lives Matter organizers are stepping down because they believes the Black Lives Matter movement has been hijacked by radical Marxists.

Imarn Ayton, 29, who has organized two Black Lives Matter protests in Britain announced she stepping away.

“They[BLM UK] have hijacked taking credit for this movement,’ she said. ‘In terms of this movement, they did not organise, they did not lead it, they were not involved in 20,000 people on the streets.”

She added: “I am just mortified because everyone has given money and they are not going to use that to better the black community. They are going to use it to abolish the police, remove prisons and get rid of capitalism.”

Independent Journalist Tim Pool also reported that a BLM leader in Minneapolis has also left the group you can watch more below…

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