Alex Jones Ambushes Bernie Sanders At The Airport- Why Is He Running? [Video]

Infowars Host Spots Bernie Sanders At The Airport – What Happens Next Is Exactly What You Would Expect

According to Media ITE, Alex Jones ambushed Senator Bernie Sanders at Los Angeles International Airport today while the Democratic lawmaker attempted to board his flight.

“Well if it isn’t old Bernie Sanders,” said Jones as he caught the Vermont senator walking through the airport, pushing his camera close to his face.

Ari Rabin-Havt, a senior adviser to Sanders, recognized Jones immediately and let out an exhausted, “Dude. No. Not Right now.”

As Written By The Daily Wire:

“Let me guess, you guys aren’t flying first class, are you?” trolls Jones, as Sanders attempts to flee the scene. “You guys flying first class? You shouldn’t be. … They don’t do that in Venezuela.”

Jones then continuously presses Sanders about his inane comments during a 2016 presidential primary debate about white people not understanding what it’s like to be poor.

“He said white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor. I thought it was a really racist thing to say,” Jones told the aide, before asking Sanders directly, “Why are you so racist?”

“Gotta be around the general public, huh?” the 44-year-old mocked. “Kind of a bad thing — when you’re in the proletariat like that; when you’re a ruling class Commie, huh?”

After departing from Sanders for 20 minutes, Jones returned to harass the senator further. “Mr. Sanders, why do you think socialism works better than capitalism and why do you live in a capitalist country?” he asks.

Jones didn’t back down. After about 3 solid minutes of recording, Sanders had nothing at all to say? Funny how the socialist is all too happy to rant on a podium but one-on-one, nothing.

The awkward exchange ends with Alex Jones Telling the Senator “Good luck when Google gets broken up.”

Do you think Jones went too far pushing Bernie to answer for his outlandish talking points or not far enough? Let us know in the comments below.