Ambulance Driver Crashes, Cops Determine It Was Due To Her Gross Conduct

We all appreciate emergency services. Help will be on the way asap with a quick call to 9-1-1. Most of us take for granted that these are people too and are not infallible. This could be due to the circumstances for when we call.

A person is usually thinking about saving ourselves or loved ones not the competence of the ambulatory service. A Georgia Ambulance Driver failed her patient when she tried to push herself beyond her limits.

Crystin Keys, an ambulance driver for Puckett EMS was at the wheel during a crash in Rome, GA in which the patient died.

Keys was originally charged with vehicular homicide and failure to maintain lane in the Superior Court of Floyd County.”

The crash occurred in front of Berry College with the vehicle veering off of Martha Berry Highway and onto the shoulder of road.

Sgt. Danny Storey of Rome Police told NewsChannel9 that the vehicle dug into the ground and spun, eventually flipping it on its side.

Police have released a report of the investigation that states “During an interview, the Driver (1) stated she fell asleep at the wheel.”

The driver was working from 7 pm the night before and told officers she felt “tired”. Story says that these long shifts are not surprising for professionals in emergency services. Emergency personnel are known to work long hours according to Rome Police. Storey says that the average shift is 24 hours.

The patient being transported was 55 year old Tony Patterson. Patterson died from blunt-trauma impact on scene.”

Crystin Keys was 5 months pregnant at the time and she had been refraining from drinking coffee for the baby’s sake.

The Patterson’s surprisingly were very understanding. After learning Keys was an expecting mother working a 24-hour shift, they asked that vehicular homicide be dropped.

Keys entered her guilty plea to the second count only, Failure to Maintain Lane, and was given a suspended sentence upon a total payment of fine and costs of $84.90.”