Watch: Angel Families Take On Pelosi And Schumer

Angel Families are those who have lost loved ones to illegals. Most Americans understand the need for a border wall and security.

Angel Families understand the need even more so as they have endured the consequences of our weak border security. So they have taken to protest one of the biggest naysayers. They protested at the office of Nancy Pelosi to make sure they are heard and to remind her that her actions have consequences.

Angel dad Don Rosenberg held up a photo of his son and let her staff know his son died in Pelosi’s district. “She, in her 31 years in office, has done absolutely nothing to stop illegal immigration,” he said of Pelosi.”

The man that killed my son 12 years ago was still, has not been captured,” said an angel mom. “Nobody’s immune to this. It can happen to anybody and you don’t have to live on the border for it to happen, but we need the wall to prevent it.”

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The protesters filled Pelosi’s office and many were forced to stand out in the hallway. “Immoral” walls and doors were in the way preventing the protesters from confronting Pelosi in person.

Pelosi did not have the courage to face these families. It seems she would rather worry about the invading migrants and the job seekers than the people that she has sworn to serve.

This is not the first time that Angel Families have been ignored by Pelosi. They visited her office about a month ago and tried to remind her of her duty to serve Americans but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

We want the speaker to be with these angel families. These families are hurting,” a group leader said outside Pelosi’s office.”

“There are drugs coming across our borders, human trafficking, and— the cable news networks and mainstream media only want to tell one side of the story. We are the other side of the story and the American people deserve to hear these real-life stories,” A protester claimed.