Angel Mom Slams Kathy Griffin For ‘Propaganda’ Remark: “She Has No Soul” [Video]

Angel Parents Are Outraged And Disgusted For Being Called ‘Propaganda’: “Our Children Need To Have A Voice”

So-called “comedian” called the Angel parents “propaganda” in her disgusting anti-Trump tweet. One Angel mom fired back at Griffin’s comment. “I want her to meet me face to face and tell me how this is propaganda,” Angel mom, Sabine Durden said. “This is my son’s ashes in here. He’s [President Trump] the only man that brought this to the forefront.” Sabine continued, “she just has no ground, she has no soul, she has no heart.”

Griffin, who can’t seem to tweet without vulgarity, addressed the Angel Parents as President Trump honored them: “Message to the parents who are on stage with Trump at this press conference…I am so sorry for your loss..but the man you’re standing with (Trump) could give two sh**s…he’s using you for propaganda.”

From the beginning, President Trump has pushed legal American families to the forefront and shown respect and sympathy to parents crushed by violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants. The media has tried to flip his sympathy by making it out to be politically motivated but Trump has, not once, yielded in his stance against criminals who are in the U.S. illegally.

As Reported By The Western Journal:

Kathy Griffin’s latest attack on President Donald Trump was greeted with a response from an angel mom who said that the woman who calls herself a comedian “has no soul.”

On Friday, Trump honored angel parents — mothers and fathers whose children were killed by illegal immigrants.

Griffin then wrote a tweet claiming Trump did not actually care about the parents but was using them “for propaganda.”

That brought an anguished response from Sabine Durden, whose son Dominic was killed in 2012 when a truck driven by an illegal immigrant hit his motorcycle. The driver had two felonies and two DUIs at the time of the crash. He was jailed for 35 days for the accident, Durden said.