Another Heinous Crime That Dems Are Practically Encouraging

The Democrats barely seem to care about protecting Americans. They can’t seem to understand how important it is to vet incoming migrants. They seem to feel that we would be fine if we just opened the borders. But these Dems don’t live by the border. They don’t feel the repercussions of their actions. To them, it is all politics. It’s about trying to win the votes of new citizens come election time. It’s about demonizing Trump. Meanwhile, people living along the border or those who come in contact with some of the bad elements that find a way across the border, are on their own. A 16-year-old American girl was attacked by an illegal, and now she has to live with the emotional trauma that comes with it.

An illegal immigrant in Maryland is alleged to have crawled into the bed of a teenage girl while she was taking a nap and placed a knife against her throat before proceeding to rape her, according to authorities.

Federal officials have requested to keep the man in custody.

The Montgomery County Police Department said Nelson Saul Reyes-Medrano, 46, is charged with first-degree rape, sex abuse of a minor, and first-degree assault in connection with the late August 2018 attack.

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman told Fox News that Reyes-Medrano was living in the U.S. illegally and the federal law enforcement agency has lodged a detainer against him.

The victim told detectives she was in pain during the entire assault, which only ended after a noise was heard outside the apartment and Reyes-Medrano got off the bed, put his clothes back on and left the apartment with the knife he allegedly used to threaten the teenager.”

But it’s not going to be easy for ICE to deport this deviant or any other illegals as the Dems have made it hard for them to do their job.

Montgomery County designated itself for “sanctuary” status in July.

The order signed by County Executive Mark Elrich says that no county agency – including police departments – can cooperate with ICE.

Yet somehow Trump is a bad guy for wanting to strengthen security along the border to help prevent such incidents. Just how many victims is it going to take for the Dems to understand they are wrong?