AOC Gets Butt Hurt Over The New York Post Destroying Omar’s Belittling 9/11 Statement

Rep Omar should know better. Her job is to serve the American people yet she has the nerve to try and belittle a terrorist attack on America. So she has of course been scrutinized for calling 9/11 “Some people did something.”

First off it was not some people, it was Islamic Terrorists. Secondly, it wasn’t an insignificant attack. These Islamic Radicals hijacked multiple planes and killed nearly 3000 Americans. This attack led to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. How can anyone gloss over this?

The New York Post also found Omar to be inciting and they did something big about it. They made her quote the front page and responded in the best way.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Rep for a district in New York, for whatever reason, feels the need to defend Omar. She had the following to say about The New York Post’s front page.

“The level to which Republicans and Conservatives group, whether they are official party apparatuses sending out emails, calling me and others domestic terrorists, or whether it’s Rupert Murdoch and the NY Post.

Printing on the front page to circulate all around New York City an image that is incredibly upsetting and triggering for New Yorkers that were actually there, and were actually in the radius, that woke up one morning ,or were in their schools and didn’t know if they were going to see their parents at the end of the day. To elicit such an image, for such a transparently and politically motivated attack on Ilhan…

“We are getting to the level where this is an incitement of violence against progressive women of color and if they can’t figure out how to get it back to policy, we need to call it out for what it is. Because this is not normal, and this is not a normal level of political debate or rhetoric. As wild as it can get sometimes this is beyond normal.”

She’s right this is not normal. It’s not normal for a politician to marginalize a terrorist attack on America. It’s not normal that anyone would stand up for this type of unacceptable behavior. AOC has wild ideas about policy and socialist tendencies. But by defending Rep Ilhan Omar’s actions, she is condoning them, and no American should be ok with how she tried to make it out like 9/11 was no big deal. Especially those that are voted in and are supposed to be representing us. AOC should be ashamed of herself and her friend. The New York Post just did what every paper should have done after hearing what Omar said.