AOC Now Claims Pelosi Is Discriminating Against The “Newly Elected Women Of Color”

Wow, these Freshmen Dem are just ridiculous. Nancy Pelosi tried to bring order back to the House Dems. She was irritated that people were going after each other on social media. But instead of bringing everyone together, AOC felt targeted and discriminated against.

AOC’s complaints

“When these comments first started, I kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm’s distance in order to protect more moderate members, which I understood,” Ocasio-Cortez told the Post.

“But the persistent singling out … it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful … the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color,” she added.

“The third and fourth time [she insulted me], it was like, ‘This is unnecessary, but I’m not going to pick a fight over it. Whatever, I’ll be the punching bag if that’s what they want me to be,’” Ocasio-Cortez said

But Pelosi is trying to bring Dems together, not just the gaffe-prone, inciting freshmen Dems.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Democratic leaders on Wednesday scolded Democrats for publicly taking shots at each other and pleaded for unity as they head into key debates in the coming weeks.

“You got a complaint? You come and talk to me about it. But do not tweet about our members and expect us to think that that is just OK,” Pelosi told Democrats in a closed-door caucus meeting Wednesday, according to a source in the room.

Pelosi warned that Democratic infighting plays into GOP hands and defended the moderates in the caucus.

“I’m here to help the children when it’s easy and when it’s hard. Some of you are here to make a beautiful pâté but we’re making sausage most of the time,” Pelosi said. “Without that unity, we are playing completely into the hands of the other people.”

Pelosi also forcefully defended the centrists in the caucus and said it’s better for Democrats to criticize her than attack the most vulnerable members publicly.

“I hope there will be some level of respect and sensitivity for our — each individual experience that we bring to this Caucus,” Pelosi said. “You make me the target, but don’t make our Blue Dogs and our New Dems the target in all of this because we have important fish to fry,” Pelosi said.”

I feel bad for Pelosi. She has to try and deal with the Freshmen Dems who are just outright painful. AOC is once again wrong, it’s just remarkable that she thinks to use the race card in this situation. But at least all of AOC’s meddling prevents more legislation from coming out of the House.