AOC’s Desperate Speech Signals She May Not Be In Congress Much Longer

Despite her swag and her massive media fan club, AOC is giving indications that she’s in trouble. It would almost seem that Pelosi has put the dark mark on the freshman congresswoman from New York that has caused her a lot of grief.

During a kickoff event Saturday the Bernie Sanders supporting, far-left socialist told supporters that she needs a voter turnout in New York’s 14th Congressional District to increase by “four times” because she has 12 other Democrats looking to take her down.

“Last election cycle, in the primary as we know, the turnout was quite low,” she told a small crowd in Corona, Queens. “This year, we want to multiply turnout by four times. That’s our goal. We want to secure 60,000 votes in the primary election. We need to start creating a turnout machine right now.”

Ocasio-Cortez, the former bartender, now 30 years old sent a shock through politics when she defeated Democrat incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in a primary battle who was a powerful Democrat Congressman. Before his defeat Crowley was being considered to be the speaker of the House in the event they recaptured the House in 2018. Since Crowley lost Democrat’s elected to give Pelosi the job for a second time.

The Freshman congresswoman of the “Squad” is very aware that she may lose in the primary like Crowley.

“I think everyone has a right [to run],” she said, according to the New York Post. “I, of course, won my seat with a primary. I would never begrudge anyone trying to run in a primary. I’m committed to organizing.”

Beating AOC is going to be a tough battle because due to her popularity she has gathered a $5.3 million war chest. But she has irritated a lot powerful Democrats and many haven’t forgotten she took down Crowley. She’s also been at war with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee because she refuses to contribute.

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